Meet AAW

AAW (Agents Around World) was founded in India in 2016. It is based in Geneva, Switzerland. It primarily formulates a bridge between several Agencies and Colleges/Universities.

Consequently, it has addressed the gap between them with determination and dedication. Here, one can meet abundant Colleges, Universities, Schools, Agents and can give a global approach to their business. Our motive is to create perceptibility for the options available to study around the Globe and to provide dynamic business opportunities.

AAW is now a renowned name in the field of overseas educational events. We believe that the most meaningful experiences have the power to evolve brands, to build relations and to inspire action. The more connections that are made, the more impactful every experience becomes.

The partnership workshops are an opportunity for educational institutions and qualified agents to preschedule one-to-one meetings with each other with the motive of finding the most suitable partners to send/receive students to/from.


AAW (Agents Around World) Events are the principal B2B networking seminars in the International education industry. These events allow one to meet Institutions, Schools, Colleges and Universities to discuss new opportunities, build new business relations and partnerships and address new challenges in our day to day life.

AAW always invites significantly more Agents, Schools, Counselors and University representatives than other institutions. This ensures a diverse choice of partners and guarantees all participating institutions a full appointment schedule.

AAW furnishes new opportunities for genuine Agents to meet the direct representatives of International Institutions. One will, no doubt, establish new business relations and achieve new heights in their professional career.

AAW organizes events which reflect our reputation. All the participating institutions ultimately gain specific opportunity to connect with a convenient way to reinforce their business links with top quality agents.

These events will allow you to meet International Institutions, Colleges/Universities and Schools online to discuss new opportunities, build new partnerships, stay engaged with current partners, address the new challenges and continue important dialogue while we all are facing the Covid-19 pandemic.


In our Workshop 2021 in India, 300+ Partners made new business connections and gained huge profits. Not only the Agencies, but also the Institutions from different parts of the Globe were satisfied with the business they made at AAW platform.

The education industry has been growing rapidly over the last couple of decades. According to UNESCO, the number of students studying abroad is expected to reach 8 Millions in 2025. There are thousands of educational recruitment agencies assisting to find suitable programmes and Countries. And AAW is the leading and central agency to unite this sector.

AAW assists you with live meetings from your office or home using the MarCom ESchedule pro and zoom video conferencing for a seamless experience (We recommend a reliable broadband connection and a laptop with a webcam and microphone). AAW is the most suitable platform to do networking with genuine Agents and build new business relations.

Our World thrives on personal connections and our business is driven by them. It is our mission to make the World a smaller place by creating moments that matter because “A crowd of thousands is an audience of One.”